Living this life is like breathing. As we take every breath, we take in different air. It is never the same. Life is like that. Every moment we live is different. It’s impermanent. What we have now will never be with us. What we do not have now, we might get them or we might not. That tells us to concentrate on what we have. Be mindful and learn to appreciate.

At the same time, we should not attach ourselves to the present moment. We should not develop a relationship or a clinging with our feelings. If we are hurt, it shall pass. If we are sad, it shall pass. If we are happy, it shall pass too. If we cling to happiness, we will be sad when it is gone. If we cling to suffering, we will feel terrible at that moment. 

Living this life is like travelling on the road and you know you cannot stay at one point always. If you see a beautiful and charming scene, you understand that you cannot stay there forever and enjoy that beauty and be happy. You cannot even be sure that this place would look the same in an hour. Same goes for the unpleasant experience, damaged road, too much sunlight, or too much dirt. It shall pass, don’t worry about it.

Accept the impermanence of this life and the world.

~Inspired by Buddhist Teachings~

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