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arguments in JavaScript is a special array-like object which is created implicitly during the execution of a function. It helps us to access those arguments which are not specified as the parameters during the function declaration. Let’s consider this example. Problem 1: We have to create a function which can add all the numbers passed

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Functions in JavaScript

Everything in JavaScript is an Object. As we discussed in the previous post, JavaScript even treats the primitive data types as objects to provide additional functionality. Click here to see the example. Every programming language has functions, and a function is a reusable set of instructions. Apart from this, functions create their own scope. So

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What Changed with Arrow Functions

With the introduction of the arrow functions in JavaScript, everyone is happy. Well, why shouldn’t we be? It clears one of the biggest confusion in JavaScript. The confusion with the scope inside an event handler or a callback function, or to be precise scope within a scope. When ES6 was introduced, it removed the traditional

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