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Functions in JavaScript

Everything in JavaScript is an Object. As we discussed in the previous post, JavaScript even treats the primitive data types as objects to provide additional functionality. Click here to see the example. Every programming language has functions, and a function is a reusable set of instructions. Apart from this, functions create their own scope. So

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Undefined Vs Null

In JavaScript, both undefined and null come under primitive data types. But they are not as simple as a string, number, and boolean. A variable is said to be undefined when it has been declared (for future use) but has no value assigned to it. For example, Line 2 prints undefined in double quotes, i.e.

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Data Types in Javascript

JavaScript is not strict when it comes to data types and use of variables if we are writing codes without using ‘use strict’. None of the code example in this post has been written with ‘use strict’ option. As a result, we can use a variable (without declaring it) and the JavaScript engine won’t have

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