Man working with his fishing net
A man doing his regular work, for me he is a subject of a photoshoot

I was watching him from a distance. I could not see his face. He was standing minding his own business, right between the sun and the place where I was sitting. All I could think was what a beautiful scene it is! Silhouettes, they call it, the professional photographers. I knew the theory. I was ready for the experiment.


No one would purchase the sand and a few worthless sea-shells. The sun was going down and all I could think about the dinner I was supposed to feed my two young children. I could hardly see my shadow on the calm and shallow water. A guy sitting at about a distance of 500 meters was staring at me. He was holding a fancy camera. The type which almost everyone has nowadays. I wondered how many fishes I’d have to sell to buy one if my sons ever ask for it.

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