Narmada Cement Jetty, Ratnagiri
As I stood there on this makeshift platform, these big waves were trying to scare me

I stood there, facing those high tides hitting the rocks with as much as the force possible. They made the big splash, transforming into small water droplets, fell on my entire body. When I closed my eyes for a moment, I felt like it was raining. I looked the sea, the calm and the soothing water at a distance. There were ripples next to each other. Flowing over each other, they transformed into a big wave. The whole scene scared me a little, and it gave me goosebumps. The salty water relaxing on my skin twinkled like the dewdrops of an early winter morning.

I was living in those precious moments. The moments which would never come back. Like those big waves, after marking their presence, would never come back.

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