Open your mind, think straight

What is to be, must be – Bob Marley

When do you realise that it is enough? Many times we think, then we assume things based on our thinking, and in the end, we conclude something. Concluding something like with this process has many flaws. It is a quick process, especially when the possibility of a negative result is more probable. The problem starts when we start to worry about the conclusion we reach. We spend a big part of the day thinking about something that might not even happen to us.

It is not necessary that whatever we think or assume will happen in reality. We believe that we are thinking logically, but our mind always takes sides. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, it inclines towards the negative side.

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong – Murphy’s law.

That’s what happens with our mind. If we believe in negative things, we will think negative.

Thinking is a process. We might think we do not have any control over it, but it is not the case. We can train our mind and, we can tell ourselves about what is right and what is wrong, what is possible and what is not, and what can happen and what might not. We also need to understand that doing nothing but worrying about what we fear can happen is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. It is the most unproductive situation in which we put ourselves.

Let’s fast forward and say, what we feared happened. A better way to tackle this would have been to prepare for what [we think] will happen. If we are sure that our thought process was not biased, then we should take it to the next stage and, we should try to think about the solution, about how we need to tackle the situation. Instead of doing that, we end up worrying about what we think might happen. We inflict pain to our mind, and we put ourselves in a position where everything seems difficult.

The key is not the acknowledgement. Acceptance is a much more important criterion to free ourselves from this disease. We need to accept that things can go wrong. We need to accept that we will not get whatever we want, always. We need to accept that life can be unpredictable and, what happens with us might depend on a lot of other things which we don’t even know about. We need to open our mind, we need to balance the situation, and then we should think straight. I understand that it is not possible to always think positive, but the least we can do is, we can train our mind to think straight.

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