There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point? – Pam Beesly

I am not you, you are not me,
Look up and look around,
there’s a lot of beauty,
them; why are you missing?
Free yourself, open your mind,
Don’t be a fool, and stop judging!

I remember going out and,
talking to the wind;
when I was just a kid.
Nothing mattered, or it did?

What has changed?
What have you become?

I still look out for you.
I am still I.
You say, I too have changed,
You say I am long gone.
But I have only grown up,
Have I done something wrong?

I do this, and I did that, you keep thinking.
I speak my mind because I think not.
What is it, you see?
Why it is wrong?
Why should I worry?

I understand it,
Yes, I do.
I have made mistakes,
and so have you!

But I don’t assume things,
And I judge you not,
It’s that simple,
Have you ever thought?

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