Well, it was not much of a trip, but I got the opportunity to drive for about 150KMs on Outer Ring Road. It all started with a cancelled plan. After a not so wonderful trip to Ananthagiri, we were trying our best to find another place to go. After a lot of deliberation and internet search, we could not find much. We could not find anything good around Hyderabad, which could be worthy of a day’s trip. And by that, I mean someplace under 250 KM. Finally, we settled for Warangal. I had gone to Warangal about 3-4 years ago. It was a wonderful road trip, but we couldn’t find much once we reached Warangal. But this time we found a few lakes near Warangal (60-70 Km away) and it looked worthy of visits.

We booked the zoom car, and the car got delivered on time. But we couldn’t wake up as early as we should have. Moreover, the weather wasn’t pleasant again. By 7 AM the sun was up, and there was no sign of rain. But then we figured if we are going to spend some time near a lake, it would be better if we could spend some time either early in the morning or late in the evening near the lake. And we hadn’t considered the option of staying overnight. Considering all this, we eventually cancelled the Warangal trip.

We had checked out a place called Shamirpet lake on the internet, and it looked beautiful in the evening. So after having lunch and watching a murder mystery documentary on Netflix, we hit the road. It was an hour drive on ORR (Outer Ring Road). One of the best things about going out of Hyderabad is, you get to drive on ORR. But sometimes it becomes boring too because there are no hotels or shop on the way.

So we followed Google Maps and reached Shamirpet. We were going slow so that we do not miss the exit on the road to reach the lake we missed it anyway. But when we looked back, the path to the lakeshore looked blocked. We checked Google Maps, and it was showing the same place/exit as the destination. There wasn’t any place to park the car there so we could not have gone on foot. We also noticed a few police vehicles near the road. We decided to take a U-turn and come back and ask the police if we were in the right place or not. But as we moved about 500 meters ahead, we saw a small crowd. When we reached closer, we found that that was the place people were stopping to see the lake.

View of Shamirpet Lake
View of Shamirpet Lake

I got out of the car and asked a man who looked local. He told me that the police closed the entrance to the lakeshore. So we had no other choice but to get down and see how much time we could spend there. We had packed sandwich and tea thinking we would sit near the lake and eat the sandwich and drink the tea while watching the sunset. But it wasn’t possible to do that on the road. We couldn’t spend more than 5 minutes, people were coming from all the direction, and the crowd was increasing. We clicked a couple of pictures and headed back home.

Two days later, I got up and was checking comments about Shamirpet Lake on Tripadvisor. Somebody had mentioned that this a few years ago a few people drowned in this lake and died, some claimed it was suicide. I opened Google and searched for Shamirpet lake in the news section. The first two results were about a group of people who went to Shamirpet lake, and 2 of them drowned. And that was the reason why the police had blocked the entrance to the lake. Maybe, we’ll get another chance to visit, and perhaps we will spend an evening, and then we will know how the lake looks during the sunset. It is supposed to be beautiful, and I am sure it will be.

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